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A Love Of Horses
And A Desire To Share

How We Came To Be

Gurgaon Horse Club was established in September 2020 by Tara McCartney after she spent some time managing another Gurgaon riding school and sealing a vision of leisure with horses as the focal point. To offer top notch training instruction and horse know-how, she was joined by national show jumping athlete Joginder Singh Nain.


Tara had no horse background but when the lockdown set in in March 2020, she spent their days with horses – learning riding, horsemanship and stable management. But more importantly, she also discovered the grace, empathy and intelligence of these magnificent creatures and a new love and passion was born. Not having had the privilege to be born into a horse environment but the good luck to experience them later in life – she is determined that pleasures and benefits of leisure with horses should become available to everyone.


Joginder, on the other hand, is a life-long horse man and it shows in everything he does. He started competitive riding in class 4, attended one of India’s best sport schools and currently  owns 26 horses of his own – several of whom are resident at Gurgaon Horse Club. Joginder combines more than two decades of experience with his own style of charm and sense of fun, to push the students beyond their comfort zones, including preparation for competitions, while still keeping then safe, confident and laughing


Gurgaon Horse Club was founded by Tara and Joginder with a vision: access to horses, nature and community to bring locals and visitors back to basics among the challenges and stresses of urban living.


Fusing Western standards of quality, organisation and efficiency with Indian hospitality and spontaneity, Gurgaon Horse Club welcomes you and your family to experience horses in a natural setting while enjoying comfort, reliability and safety.

What Guides Us

Gurgaon Horse Club is an innovative concept for the Delhi - Gurgaon region but comes with decades of national and international experience from its founders in various fields.

Having experienced the stress of North Indian urban life and the dearth of appealing free time activities, we are motivated to provide a newer, healthier, back-to-nature approach to leisure with horses as the core of all we provide.

We seek to create a sustainable business model which combines healthy outdoor living with adequate comfort to counter India’s often harsh weather and environmental conditions.

We are guided by the following principles

Access to Nature

access to nature-01.png

From horse riding to enjoying your morning tea in a beautiful setting – it’s all about destressing and getting back to the bounty available to us in nature – even within a city landscape. We strive to create environmentally friendly structures and assure you of the best of care for our land, horses and staff.

Safety and Security

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Your safety is paramount to us. We’ve invested in trained staff and premium equipment to ensure you get the best and safest riding experience. We’ll tell you directly if you are pushing too hard without impacting your desire to learn. We offer horsemanship courses so that you can understand horse handling to prevent accidents or injury through continued education and learning for both staff and customers.

Professionalism and customer centric approach

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You deserve professionalism and reliability as a valued club member and we seek to over achieve in our service to you. We promise you transparent communication, reliable services, honest guidance and an open ear. We’ll listen to you and learn from you – so that together we can create new standards of satisfaction and new forms of community that will transform your well being.

New Communities via shared passions


The horses are the heart of our family but we get real excited about people connections too. We want to see friendships and networking happen among our members. We want to see children bond and play and tired parents relax. We want to see romance and discussions and laughter. Members get exclusive access to our grounds and can spend time with the horses or just hang out and enjoy the view. And we’re working continuously to improve facilities and infrastructure so that we can continue to serve and surprise you.

Who leads us
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Tara McCartney — Founder & Director

Tara is a joint UK/Irish citizen with an extensive corporate career in Europe during which she held international managerial roles. In 2014 she then stepped aside to dedicate her skills to NGO and development work in India focusing on the area of social enterprises and holistic community development and having wide experience across multiple industries. As a serial social entrepreneur, a chance meeting led to her involvement with horses and a new passion and vision for the future was ignited.

Tara ensures that Gurgaon Horse Club is run professionally and customer happiness is her priority.

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Joginder Singh Nain – Co- Founder and Head of Equine Management and Riding Instruction

Joginder Singh Nain started horse riding as a child in 2003  from the prestigious Motilal Nehru School Of Sports, training under Mr. Baljeet Singh Dhillo.

He started winning national competitions already as a child including at the leading Delhi and Chandigarh horses shows.

Joginder became a junior national record holder in pussiance in the year 2007 and 2009. He is also skilled in tent pegging winning the national team event in 2021. He teaches advanced students and oversees stable management while continuing to compete nationally in show jumping.

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